GR Clark

Playlot Project

Phase 1 Complete

The GR Clark Playlot Project is a collaboration to improve the playlot / playground / entrance area at GR Clark Elementary School for the use of the students, staff, and parents.

In the Fall of 2021, Convoy of Hope partnered with GR Clark Elementary School to renovate the Kindergarten and Pre-K entrance area of the playlot. This area has been improved with new landscaping, garden beds for the students, re-painted fence, and seating for the students to use at recess / the parents to use while waiting to pick up their kids. Convoy brought partners of theirs to the project—John Burns Construction and Christy Webber Landscaping—who added the skill, expertise, and machinery to make this project successful. Phase 1 of the project—renovating the entrance area—was completed over three work days by members of the school, community, organizations, and other volunteers.

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